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Recording & Preserving Local History

Book Launch

Once Upon A Road

We are delighted to announce the launch of Once Upon A Road. Written by Joe Harrington, Once Upon a Road contains 364 full colour pages and 315 images, maps and photos. It is a comprehensive account of the oldest turnpike road to the Cork Butter Market.  Joe describes the book as a “search for the olden days on a sixty-mile journey through 275 years of time.


Built by John Murphy under a 1747 Act of Parliament, every mile tells its own tale and along the way we meet Whiteboys and Hedge Schoolmasters, Freedom Fighters and Moonlighters, Famines and Natural Disasters, Mass Rocks and Wedge Tombs, Bronze age hoards and Bog Butter, Lost Estates and Evicted Tenants – and the part played by the road in the slave trade.


Now in bookshops in Kerry, Cork and Limerick and by post from Joe Harrington, Lyreacrompane, Listowel, Co. Kerry. Ph. 087 285 3570 at €30 (includes P&P)

Once Upon a Road Book Cover.jpeg
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