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Recording our Local History


& District Journal

ISSUE #13 Nov 2020

Old Murder Cases Revisited
Islandanny, Muingaminnane & Lixnaw
Lyreacrompane & District Journal Cover

Lyreacrompane Journal number 14 is available now from The Glen, Lyreacrompane, Listowel, Co. Kerry Ireland V31 H429. Tel. 00 353 (0)87 285 3570. It will not be uploaded here until Journal 15 is issued.

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Welcome to the Lyreacrompane & District Journal .  We have been publishing journals for over 30 years, covering how life in the locality was lived in the past, and record life as it is lived now in Lyreacrompane.  

Located in North Kerry, Ireland. Lyreacrompane and its environs is typical of Irish rural life. Our journals tend to be skewed to covering history and historical events, as this information and oral history is far less told in a modern social media world recording in detail  all present day events.

Please Note

Issue Number 14 of the Lyreacrompane and District Journal was published in November 2023. It is now available in bookshops and outlets in North Kerry, at Lyreacrompane Post office and by post from The Lyreacrompane Journal, The Glen, Lyreacrompane, Listowel, Co. Kerry.

Contact the editor at 087 285 3570.  Issue 14 will not be uploaded here until issue 15 has been produced. We are now seeking articles, photos, short stories etc for the next issue and those should be sent in by e-mail to or phone 087 285 3570 for more information.

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