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"Where all the women are strong... all the men are goodlooking... and all the children are above average!!!"  Pat Moore

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The Glen, Lyreacrompane, Co Kerry, Ireland 

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A Lyreacrompane sunset

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Whether you are local, exile or a stranger who has just stumbled across our patch of the internet you are very welcome indeed.

This site is updated weekly and carries news of events in the area. YOUR PAGE is a Message Board in which you can leave messages, seek information on ancestors/genealogy or contribute items of interest, humour etc.  Photographs are always welcome. Please state if you wish your e-mail address or full name withheld.

(Unless otherwise stated all photographs on this site are by Kay O'Leary and Joe Harrington)

About Lyreacrompane

Heather beside the Glountane Road

The heather-clad hills of Lyreacrompane lie in the Stacks Mountains halfway between Listowel and Castleisland in Co Kerry, Ireland. When travelling in an east west direction it lies halfway between the towns of Tralee and Abbeyfeale.

Click above for map showing location of Lyreacrompane, Co Kerry, Ireland.

The adjacent townlands of Banemore, Beenageeha, Braumaddra, Broughane, Carrigcannon, Cloghaneliskirt, Cloghanenaglaragh, Cloghboola, Drommaddabeg, Drommaddamore, Glanaderhig, Glantaunyalkeen, Glashannnoon, Glashnacree, Gortacloughane, Knockaclare, Knockariddera, Knockaunbrack, Knockaunnanoon, Knocknacurra, Knocknaglough, Knocknagoum, Knocknalougha, Knocknatarriv, Maugha, Muingatlaunlush, Muingnaminnane, Muingnatee, Muingwee, Reamore, Renagown, collectively form the entity known as the Lyreacrompane District. John B Keane who spent the summers of his youth in Lyreacrompane referred to the Stacks Mountains as “Too small to be called mountains and too big to be called hills”.

John B Keane

John B also proclaimed; “I fell immediately in love with this strange and wonderful countryside, with the character, colour and language of its people and with its numerous dancing streams. The unbounded freedom of hills and glens amount to sheer paradise. The Stacks Mountains have a magic all of their own where the green pastures and meadows merge into boglands. The dominating colour is brown but ever and always it is a brown that is warm and comforting”.

The image of the Lyreacrompane district painted by John B has changed somewhat over the years as forestry brings a greener tinge to the colours and emigration and migration changes the character of a place. However, for whatever reason and for many reasons, Lyreacrompane continues to hold its place in the world and has much to show to that world.

To show off Lyreacrompane to the world is the task of this website.

Joe Harrington and Kay O'Leary

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A full moon behind the Sicka Spruce in Lyreacrompane


  Frost on Furze

Beside the old Glen school on the boundary of Lyreacrompane near Knockaclare

Some of the hidden beauty to be found in  Lyreacrompane are its mountain streams which all too often are overgrown with saplings and briers.  These lovely scenes could be viewed by native and visitor if  cleared  for a distance of 30 yards on each side of the many bridges that straddle them.